Luxury Cotton Fabrics On-line

Pure cotton fabrics are one of the most flexible and durable fabrics that’s been used for centuries, and today with its numerous variants which can be found at on-line fabric stores, it is still extensively used for everything from apparel to home décor items and craft products.

Some of the textiles we refer to as organic fabrics today are natural fabrics that can be traced back five thousand years before Christ.

It was a time when the River Nile valley inhabitants discovered the adaptability of fibres they got from plants around them and how they were made into crudely, but effective woven materials for their own personal use.

Cotton Fabrics are produced from cotton fibres derived from the cotton plant that grows in warm climates like its original source, Egypt, but by far its largest yield today comes from the United States.

When woven without and other fibre blends, it reflects heat much better when compared to silk or wool, and when cotton is woven with tight twists, it is claimed to be stronger than wool, an animal fibre.

Cotton has unlimited possibilities of textures, patterns and styles and have great dyeing qualities in that it can be much easily dyed than many other natural plant fibre.

Eco-Friendly Qualities of Cotton Textiles

Many people still wonder what really makes a textile fabric eco-friendly.  The reasons why any material will qualify being referred to as eco-friendly ranges from it being produced with natural fibres like cotton, bamboo or hemp, to its being grown and cultivated without the use of pesticides. Other ecofriendly textiles have been produced from recycled plastics which are also considered as “green”.

Today’s popularly demanded cotton fabrics are the eco-friendly genre of 100% natural cotton. They don’t pull or fuzz and their grading depends on the cotton fibre’s natural colour, its length, and the “crispness” of the cloth. Cotton can be blended with most other fibres in a fabric.

Organic Cotton

“Organic cotton is grown in an environment where no chemical fertilizers or herbicides have been used for at least three years. Organic yarn spinners have set secluded processing areas in order to separate organic cotton from the traditional one. The dyeing of organic cotton fibres also follows a strict procedure for chemical use in processing, eliminating all materials harmful to the human body and the environment.”

Cotton fabrics are the most versatile and one of the most durable of fabrics and are used extensively for apparel and home décor/interior furnishing items.

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