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Velvet fabrics including velours and velveteens are plush luxurious nap pile textiles that can be made into beautiful and elegant apparel, or commercial and residential interior decorating projects.

They are woven with two sets of warp, one for the pile and one for the back. This textile construction results in a thick lush pile on the face, and a plain and flat reverse.

Velvet comes patterned, plain, embossed, or stripped and is constructed using either all cotton, mohair, silk, or man made fibres. It’s pile effect  is achieved by looping the set of warp threads over a sharp razor wire which cuts the looped fibres, leaving the surface lush and soft.

The cheaper range of velvet fabrics, and those termed ‘chiffon velvet’, are woven with two warp and two filler yarns, which gives it two backs, and to get the pile, the two resulting pieces are sliced apart.

2 Variants of Velvet Fabrics


There are two variations of velvet material, but they are not as luxurious and plush like the real thing.

Velour – This is really a general term that’s used for fabrics that look like velvet. It means velvet in French, but has been misused so much that the word ‘velour’ no longer has a definite meaning.

Velveteen – Velveteen is known by most people as cotton velvet and is woven without a pile unlike the fabric construction of real velvet with its lush pile.

It is made like a heavy satin fabric with weft threads ‘floating’ loosely over the warp threads.

To get a kind of pile, the surface must be sheared to give a fine and close pile. Velveteen is ordinarily made with cotton fibres and can be used as upholstery fabrics.



Other types of velvet fabrics that can be found abundantly on-line include:

  • Velvet upholstery fabrics
  • Panné velvet fabrics
  • Embossed velvet
  • Brocaded (Façonné) velvet
  • Moquette velvet

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