Join the Sewing Trend and Learn How To Sew

The fast growing sewing trend is a welcome development, and sewing enthusiasts, craft makers, interior decorators and small time fashion designers, now have the opportunity to learn how to sew at fabric stores on-line.

The Sewing Trend


Today’s mass surge towards learning the sewing craft is a welcome development for fabric manufacturers and retailers, and as people are desirous of something unique and creative, they want to learn more about what they love and how to produce it.

Gone are the days when the sewing machine became an unpleasant “symbol of subjugation, a time when handmade sewing was becoming unfashionable and the mass manufacturing of clothing apparels became available “off the rack”.

Ready-made clothes became much cheaper to buy than to hand make clothes, and the art of sewing “died a slow death”.

Only a few kept using the sewing machines, until they finally “fizzled”  by the 1970s.

Attend Sewing Classes


You can learn to sew at online sewing classes that teach anything from the rudimentary basics of the sewing crafts, to couture handmade sewing.

Sewing classes fill up rapidly which explains the extent of interest in sewing, and many of these sewing classes may run anywhere from four to six weeks.

You will first learn how to read, layout & cut out very simple patterns. Then you will be taught how to, for example, sew on a zipper, make pleats, stitch up hems etc…  All the general basics of sewing will be covered to help you get started with any sewing project.

Don’t miss offers of a wide variety of tailoring and sewing classes and seminars for clothing, bridal wear, home décor tasks, costume designs and children wear.

So why don’t you go ahead and join the trend. Enrol for sewing classes so that you can learn how to sew and attend classes in beginning sewing, tailoring, slip-covers, interior home fashions, millinery, glove-making, shoe covering, and children’s sewing workshops.

You will definitely enjoy the sewing craft.

Learn How to Sew


Construction methods for sewing bridal gowns

Make a dress-form that actually resembles your body shape

Learn how to drape (laying and pinning)  patterns to a dress-form. Get perfect cutting and fitting lines


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