Eco-friendly Luxury Fabrics

What we now consider as contemporary fabrics today are mostly organic fabrics and ecofriendly materials made with 100% natural fibres. The fabrics are popularly referred to as eco friendly or green fabrics, and are mostly textiles made with natural fibres and grown in controlled environments without the use of any form of chemicals.

Being contemporary is going green, and as the popularity of going green is becoming more and more part of today’s modern lifestyle, it helps us live our lives in a healthier way whilst protecting the environment at the same time.

This trend has become very popular and it’s not uncommon to see new types of fabrics produced from organic materials going the environmentally friendly way.

While using bamboo fibres to make bamboo fabrics for clothing is a 20th century development pioneered by the Chinese, and many varieties of traditional fabrics like linen, ramie, hemp and cotton are regaining popularity today because of their eco friendly and organic attributes. They are offered at fabric stores on-line and off line by many textile vendors and textile mills.

Synthetic Versus Organic Fibres


Many fabrics made from natural fibres are generally mould and mildew resistant and include cotton, linen, ramie, hemp, and bamboo.

And unlike synthetic man-made fibres, these organic fibres are much better for us and our health because of their natural endowed qualities, e.g., bamboo, ramie, and hemp have anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic, hemp is UV resistant and bamboo is great for moisture “wicking”.

If you want ecofriendly luxury fabrics and don’t live close enough to a fabric store, or on the other hand if you want to purchase a large quantity of fabrics, an on-line store is what you really need.

Fabric Stores On-line


Many fabric stores on-line will offer a vast choice of environmentally friendly textiles at much better prices than can be found at the local stores or malls. And best of all, most on-line luxury fabric stores will deliver to your doorstep and even give you the chance to pick up your fabrics at their docks if you so wish.


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