8 Bridal Fabrics for Custom Made Wedding Gowns

Today’s bridal dresses are made from every fabric imaginable, and even go beyond the classic wedding fabrics of yesteryear. From tulle to bio-degradable cotton, the options are vast. But how do you know what choice is best for your own special wedding gown?

Choosing the right fabric for your wedding dress shouldn’t be much of a hassle if you consider these three things.

1. Event – Will the wedding event be a casual or formal one? For example, would you prefer a themed but simple occasion, or one that’s full of pomp and pageantry?

2. Style – do you desire something that “moves” and sways with every movement you make, or do you want to go ‘vintage’ and wear a Victorian inspired dress that’s stiff and inflexible on?

3. Comfort – You must consider your own comfort in the finished gown (dress) because you’ll be wearing the outfit for several hours on the day of the wedding. Will you still feel comfortable in it a few hours into the ceremony?

So to have a bridal gown, dress, or suit that fits in with the occasion, is stylish, and quite comfortable to wear, it is good to understand the basics of suitable fabrics for different wedding attires.

So What’s the Most Suitable Bridal Fabrics?


There are two major groups of fabrics best suited for wedding dresses . . . the soft fabrics and the structured ones. While most are made with a combination of both categories of fabrics, some are made entirely from structured fabrics. However, it’s best to have a mix of both types of material because they both constitute important segments of the wedding outfit as a whole.

Structured Fabric – The structured fabric is the stronger of the two groups of Bridal Fabrics and is used for segments like the layered underskirts or elaborately detailed bodice.
Soft Fabric – These are just what they are called . . . soft. They are sheer, light-weight, and can flow easily with a light breeze. They are used mainly to add an air of softness, gentleness, and romance to a bride’s gown.

8 Bridal Fabrics Suitable to Make Wedding Dresses


1. Satin
2. Organza
3. Silk Taffeta
4. Taffeta
5. Tulle
6. Georgette
7. Chiffon
8. Silk

1. Satin Bridal Fabric

Sweetheart Satin WhiteSatin happens to be one of the (if not the) most popular bridal fabrics favoured by today’s bride.

Satin fabric makes as a good choice because it is constructed in such way that the fabrics full body and weight allows it to remain in place as it is arranged, making it ideal for almost any shape or style of wedding gown.

Sometimes called Duchess satin, it looks beautiful whether sewn plain, adorned with lace, or covered in embellishments.


2. Organza Fabrics for Wedding Gowns

Mirror Organza IvoryOrganza is a beautiful fabric that makes striking wedding gowns, especially when combined with other fabrics or adorned with lace. It also looks wonderful when embellished with sequins, beads, or diamante stones for a classic vintage inspired look.

And if left without adornments and embellishments, it looks clean and contemporary.

Organza is a versatile fine-looking luxury fabric that is also categorised as structured.


3. Silk Taffeta Fabrics

One wonderful thing about silk taffeta fabrics is that they are elegant and versatile luxury fabrics suitable for bridal dresses.

Similar to bridal fabrics in the satin family, it comes in a variety of weights and textures. Silk taffeta is crisp and smooth and considered to be one of the “high end” fabrics used to make ball gowns and wedding dresses.

It has a unique rustling feel and can become quite noisy during movement, so if you find that subtly crunching sound annoying, you may need to reconsider using this fabric for a fully gathered wedding dress design.


4. Taffeta Fabric

Softline Netherwood Taffeta WhiteTaffeta is truly a classic fabric that can be aptly described as being old fashioned or a typical prom dress fabric. It is made from silk or man made synthetic fibres and is also considered to be a luxury high end fabric.

Unlike piece-dyed taffeta which is quite soft, yarn-dyed taffeta is a structured stiff fabric with a beautiful crisp texture that can be used in very modern shorter wedding dress styles. Taffeta fabric also makes great ball gowns style wedding dresses.


5. Tulle Bridal Fabrics

54'' Wide Tulle Diamond WhiteTulle with its airy and gauzy appearance seems to be one of the most popular fabrics for wedding dresses. But don’t be deceived by its looks because it is more durable than can be imagined.

This fabric is often used for veils and even ballet dresses and is often used as undergarments to puff out skirts into bell shapes, giving them a fairy tale, whimsical, or ethereal look. Tulle is not only pretty and durable; it is also a lightweight fabric that can be used to make lovely creations of bridal gowns.


6. Georgette Bridal Fabrics

Sparkle Glitter Crepe Georgette Off WhiteDiaphanous and ethereal, Georgette fabrics are often used to make wedding dresses that are characterised by excessive draping.

This “seductive” fabric can be used for full designs with skirt overlays, or body-skimming cuts that are fashionable and chic. It’s also used for train attachments.

If Georgette is to be the dominant fabric of the gown, because it is so sheer, it will need to be lined.


7. Chiffon Wedding Dress Fabrics

Silk Chiffon Waves Purple/WhiteChiffon comes in a variety of finishes and weights, so careful thought must be given when choosing chiffon for a bridal dress design.

Chiffon is most often utilised as an overlay or for simple lightweight, wedding gowns.

Because the fabric is so sheer and completely see-through, a satin underlay or lining is necessary. This luxury fabric is perfect for late afternoon wedding ceremonies or evening events.


 8. Silk Bridal Materials

Dupioni Silk Fabric IvoryWedding dresses made from silk can be said to be one of the most popular of all bridal fabrics. But this luxury fabric is also the most expensive of materials used for wedding gowns.

It is smooth and divinely soft, giving beautiful soft feeling when worn. It isn’t surprising that throughout the centuries; silk has the most sought after fabric for wedding dresses, much more than any other of the bridal fabrics.


Other Great Fabrics for Wedding Gowns


Asides all these luxury fabrics mentioned, velvet, linen, brocade, and even cottons, including the biodegradable ones can be used to make gorgeous wedding gowns, so with a little extra thought and careful consideration, any bride can choose the right fabric for the gown that is right for her wedding.


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